Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thom's in Grandview

I must apologize, it has been awhile since I have updated things on my blog but I just haven't been the mood to write lately. However, I am back now and I am planning on adding some new posts in the next few days.

I would like to begin my first post in February with Thom's in Grandview. Thom's is a new restaurant located on Grandview Ave in the building that used to house Braddock's. This new restaurant is named after its owner, Thom Coffman who also owns The Clarmont in Columbus. Thom's differs from the Clarmont, however because its prime focus is on seafood where Clarmont is most known for steaks.

Adam and I decided to try Thom's a couple of weekends ago before going to an Opera at Ohio State. We chose Thom's mainly because Z Cucina was booked, but we thought we might as well give Thom's a try. I must admit we were at first a bit hesitant of Thom's only because every time we passed the restaurant they seems to be empty, but after eating there we were presently surprised.

We began our experience with the appetizer special which was a blackened sea scallop on a jalapeno cornbread cake with a mango salsa. The whole disk was on top of some kind of sauce, though I dont know what it was. This dish was very good and probably my favorite of what we tried that night. The sea scallop was especially good. It was blackened on the top and bottom just enough to take on a sweet grill taste. Thom's also served us a basket of bread before our entrees, which was also very good. Their bread was warm and tasted fresh baked. They offer a pumperkinkel or a rosemary focaccia roll. The rosemary option was especially good!

For our entrees, I had a swordfish which was accompanied by sauteed broccoli rab and roasted potatoes. I really do not have much to say about the accompaniments with the swordfish. The potatoes were just roasted with sea salt and were not anything special, as far as the broccoli rab goes, I think I am still trying to decide if I like broccoli rab. It is very bitter and was a strange match with the swordfish. The swordfish fillet was a nice size. My only complaint about it would be that it needed a little something, in fact I took my lemon out of my water and squeezed on it. This helped it tremendously, other than that I enjoyed my meal.

Adam chose salmon for his entree. He had no complaints about his salmon, which was accompanied by Thom's lobster mashed potatoes. Now as far as I am concerned, they should put these mashed potatoes on every dish. They were very good! They were creamy and had nice sized peices and proportions of lobster, therefore not making the lobster over powering!

We did not have dessert at Thom's because we were pretty full and had to get to the show! But I would go back to Thom's and would recommend it to others. I don't think I would recommend it for an extra special dinner out, but it serves as a good casual dinner with friends.